EARTH DAY: Ic Marconi Oliva, Locorotondo

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Earth day 






EARTH DAY: Ic Marconi Oliva, Locorotondo


I nostri ragazzi di Scuola Media, classi terze, in completo lockdown, celebrano l’Earth Day con pensieri ed emozioni. Hanno prodotto dei brevi testi in inglese che riguardano il nostro pianeta, dopo aver guardato il video Nature is speaking. Di seguito trovate alcuni elaborati.




This video is very beautiful and meaningful. It made me think. As the video says, we need nature. We don’t have to ruin and kill it, we have to save it. It hurts to think that if nature is today in certain conditions, it is also our fault. let’s stop being murderers and start saving our nature.

D. G. M. 3D


I'm ready to grow up, learn new things and improve over time passes, just like nature. But right now I feel stuck like time's stopping and I don't want to think about the future.

L. P. 3^D


In my opinion, nature offers us many wonders, which unfortunately we are ruining over time, but nature will go on and we will regret having ruined it one day, because nature is our world, our home.

M. V.3D


n the video mother nature speaks and shows her point of view. The nature says she has been here longer than us and she can survive. Because we need nature but nature doesn't need us.


All right i think that that video explained us that Mother Nature doesnt need people to stay alive she keeps evolving by herself and even if the man didnt exist (even today) she will still be evolving her self without the need of the man. At the end she says "I'm ready but are you?" she means despite all of the chaoses she will be ready to evolve and never die like us.

G. B. 3D

I think this topic is very important because we are responsible for the actions we do but many people don’t understand, for example if we were to die nature would not die while if we were to kill nature we would certainly die

Nature is magnificent and immense. Sometimes we call it mother nature. It's oceans, it's seas, it's forests are something extraordinary. But we must do one thing: respect it


This video for me wants to explain to you that nature doesn't need us but we need her and that all bad actions are leading us to extinction

A. P. 3D


In my opinion the truth is precisely in our need for life precisely because as this video says you are nature, and it will go on while we will not be able to go on without her. I was very impressed with this video: "your actions will determine your destiny" precisely because many people today do not respect nature without realizing that thanks to her we live, so we must learn to respect it so that she will respect our destiny.

F. D.P. 3D


In my opinion, we humans need nature because it transmits peace, tranquility and clean air to breathe. But nature also needs us because if we don't cure it or trample it, it can die.

T. B. 3D


I think that Mother Nature doesn't need man to move forward, but the opposite. Without nature we wouldn't be able to live. So, why try to destroy her? For some money? To have a bigger house or a more expensive car? Are we really destroy nature for this? Are we sure it's the best way to live? No. Because she could destroy us with a tsunami, an earthquake or some other disaster. Nature is giving signs and we are not listening her to have our heavies wallet. She might get tried, she could take us out if she just wanted to, but she's enduring, she's trusting us, maybe too much.


All things of Nature there is something wonderful, nature does not need us, but we need her. She whispers her songs to us through her sounds. Sometimes she decides to throw us a ball. Men argue ,she acts. Man made the earth sick and now she must heal it.

A. S. 3E


In this video Nature is speaking but Nature also speaks when there is a flood a tsunami and at this time Nature is going to tell you I can do everything but you can't do that and so the only thing you can do is seeing my power.

A. X. 3^E


Some call nature others call mothers nature, but people need me,she is nature she will go on. Nicoletta Nardelli 3 A

I think that if man does not change his behavior by producing less pollution in the air, water, soil, using alternative energies, biological products etc. it will be the end of the human being. The conditions are already there: earthquakes, floods, returning, famines, plagues, etc. I hope that world organizations find an agreement to reverse the course or Mother Nature will take care of it!

D. R. 3^A


This video is very exciting and meaningful and what is described made me understand that every action we make, every choice will determine our future and doing harm to nature will only bring harm to ourselves. We must therefore respect the environment to have a better life.

A. S. 3 A


The Planet, the Environment and Mankind Nature has existed on our planet long before man and has never stopped evolving and changing. She does not need man but man needs Nature without which he would become extinct. Man would have every interest in protecting Earth and Nature and, instead, exploits it, mistreats it, dirties it without worrying. These choices, however, will lead to the end of man and not of Nature who is capable of adapting to everything. In these days when the world has stopped, Nature is taking back its spaces: the waters are cleaner, the sky is not polluted, the animals are approaching the cities, the ozone hole is closing again. The man, however, is closed in a cage, or falls ill and dies. Nature is showing that she does not need man.

G. B. 3^A


We need nature to live and we have treated it badly and we are continuing to do it, all of this will come back to haunt us, for nature this will be just another of the small wounds that we have caused her for billions of years. We are not fundamental to nature, but nature is fundamental to us.

R. R. 3D


In this video nature is very direct, it makes us understand that men are not indispensable, we need to find a way to change the situation. If we think that nature believes us indispensable, we are wrong. There is a need for man not to put on too many airs and work to save the planet. At this moment, given that everyone is locked within the walls of his home, the world is becoming less polluted than before. I think that if everyone does their part, even if small, we will be able to get a cleaner world.

M. E. C.